From the Huddle – Bree Domingo

January 14, 2010

When she's not dishing out assists on the court, Bree Domingo is cheering for her teammates on the bench.

Sophomore point guard Bree Domingo is a returning all-Bay Valley Conference player who is averaging 3.7 assists per game. She’s also got a positive assist-to-turnover ratio. Bree talks to Solano women’s basketball fans about the season so far.

Already six games into the season, I can’t believe how much this team has already accomplished. Not only with conference, but with our previous champonship win at the Gervasoni Tournament. I believe that was the turning point for our team. Everyone stepped up, gave all they had, and left it all on the floor. We all knew how important this tournament was to Coach Matt and Coach George, so we knew it was more than just a championship win.

As for conference, we are off to such a great start! Having seven sophmores who are familiar with conference, and four freshmen with great desire, we all know how important it is to get it done.

I knew in the summer that we had great individual talent, so the challenge for us was to bring it all together. With our coaches pushing us every day there was no doubt of us becoming one. Our team does a great job of complementing each others’ skills.

As for the rest of the season, I expect nothing but the best for our team. We are hungry for another BVC title!


First week of practice is successful

October 24, 2009

It seems like time is flying by – our first game is only one month away.  
However, I feel like if we keep up our dedication and hard work it will show out on the court. We just finished our first official week of practice and I am confident in this group of girls. We are all very upbeat and positive and I know that it truly does make a difference in
the way we play as a team. We can maintain a positive mindset and have fun with the game, but I know that all of these girls are determined to get the job done as soon as we step on the floor. The team has built a very strong chemistry both on and off the court and I think that is a major reason why we all work so well together. We know that no spot on the floor is guaranteed and that each of us, whether a freshman or sophomore, are going to have to compete with one another. Nonetheless, having that competition makes us work that much harder.
As an individual, I would like to improve a lot more on my defensive quickness. I understand where I need to be on the floor at what particular time, but being able to get there is a proving to be a personal challenge. However, by having such talented teammates on offense it has given me the opportunity every single day to improve.  
As a team, I would really like us to be more vocal on defense. If we can get inside our opponents’ heads and throw off their offense we can be very successful. I know when it comes time to getting it done, we will be ready to show what we’re all about.

–Bree Domingo