From Captain Scrappy…

November 3, 2008

These last few months have gone by really fast.  It seems like just yesterday we were back at the athletic club, trying to play five on five, on a court that seemed like half the length.  This team has grown so much in the last few months, but we still have a long ways to go.  We faced mentally tough challenges on the track, where only the toughest survived.  We finally got into our new gym, which by the way is amazing!!!  We ran the Chapman, and established who was mentally tough enough and had the heart to play at SCC. 

Now with only 9 more days of practice left I sit here and think to my self…am I really ready for this season to start?  Not because I don’t have confidence in this team and not because where young.  But because I knew as fast as this season starts…it’s going to end. And I’m not ready for it to end.  The team is really starting to bond now.  We had lots of fun on our fun Friday trips.  The majority of the team even went over to Coach Mat’s house last weekend.  We all ate pizza and played board games.  Alli even baked cookies (must be a Napa thing jk).  Yes, I know this team won’t last forever. But I do know our memories and the bonds will.  So I guess there is only one last thing to say right now…

Let’s go get them ladies!!! Athletically, let’s have another year undefeated in conference.  And let’s make it to state this time!!!  Academically, let’s have everyone make the dean’s list and sophomores make academic all conference!  I’m very excited to see what this team can really do!!! Good luck to all my teammates but most importantly, let’s have fun and kick some butt!    

Captain SCRAP # 33


Catching up with Captain Tucker

August 25, 2008

Christine Tucker, our captain for the 07-08 season, received a scholarship to Eastern Nazarene University in Boston, MA.  She e-mailed me today with an update on how she is doing:

We havent started school yet but I wrote a lil bit about what I know so far…lol.  I am now in Quincy, Mass.  It’s about 10 miles outside of the city of Boston.  I absolutely love it out here. 

The school is great. It has a family feel to it, like Solano!  My teammates are mostly from the East Coast, but they all love hearing about how life was for me in Cali.  I’ve only met half my teammates bcuz we dont start school for anotha week, so some of them are still at home for the summer. 

I’m lookin forward to school and basketball in a new place!  I’m going to miss everyone and wish them all the luck this season and in their futures.

– Teenie

We wish Tucker the best!

– Coach Kim

Yesterday was the start of a new journey…

August 20, 2008

Yesterday was the start of a new journey.  A quest for success that we shall conquer.

The talent gathered this year is amazing and exciting.  The work ethics of my fellow teammates inspire me to stay focused on our goals, and that’s defending the BVC title.  Not only do we want to win athletically, but academically as well by making the Dean’s list.

I got faith in this group and I believe if we stayed focused, all achievement shall be surpassed.

Signing out,

Captain Lewis 🙂 #23

Spring Conditioning, Day #2

March 21, 2008

Capture the FlagDay 2 of the first week of Spring Conditioning (remember we’re taking it easy this first week 🙂 ) consisted of going over goal-setting again and the girl’s putting the concept into practice with their own goals, and a good old game of “Capture the Flag.” img00015.jpg

Natalie and Corina, in the picture on the left, are shown in jail, but their team pulled out the victory, despite the fact that Scrappy (in the picture on the right) pulled out all the stops trying to save her team’s flag.

 – Coach Kim

Goodbye Solano…

March 9, 2008

This will be one of my last journal entries ever as a Solano Falcon.  It makes me sad to think about leaving Solano.  I’ve been here for 3 years and created many bonds w/ teammates, coaches, & fellow athletes.  This experience has been a really great one.  I’ve learned so many things that will make me a better person throughout my life.  Since I’ve been @ Solano, I’ve gained many different teammates that are now more than just teammates to me, they are my sisters forever.  I’ve shared w/ them many laughs, good times, hard times, and so much more.  I know that this bond we’ve created will never fade.  Sure, time will pass and me and my sisters may not talk or see each other as often, but I will always have them all in my heart.  I will never forget them. 

I will always remember spending the night @ Candice’s house and how much love her and her family showed me.  I will always remember Rina & Nasty being “Shake & Bake” – doing big things for the team especially when we needed a kick.  Lil Bit & Keece always roasting everyone (they still haven’t got me yet J.  I’ll always remember Tues & Thurs lunch w/ Lei & Angela.  Brandi and me always competing for the higher grade in class; first English and now Math.  Theresa, Nasty & me – the “3 white girls” on the team.  I will always remember the pre-game talk sitting next to Klacky and her farting!  My girl Jana – “I’ll kill you!” and her always forgetting the plays and looking at her hands…Jazz going through many things but still pulling through the whole season.  Jakiya working super hard in practice and still finding a way to come to school the next day all cute when everyone else had sweats on.

Coach Annie always talking w/ her hands.  Coach Melissa playing w/ us, beasting in the post and making us work harder.  Coach Kim…hmm so much to say but I got one word – “Chapman” – thanks.  Coach George in pre-game one time saying “running around w/ your head cut off” – big pause – “like a chicken.”  And my favorite Coach Matt moment is in practice when he does the back somersault flop! 


I will always remember all these things and I loved every moment of them.  I love all my teammates and coaches and now I will miss them greatly as we all move on.  This year has been the best year of my college career.  Not because of our success but because of the people who were a part of it –

– Tucker #3

Goodbye sophomores

March 7, 2008

Sweat & tears, joys & fears, defeated & undefeated;  these words come to my mind when I think about the past year!  After all the years of down-grading Solano, I can proudly sit here and say this is the best choice I’ve made so far.  Being blessed with the best coaching staff and 13 (including Catie) AMAZING beautiful women on my team is way more than what I could ask for.

Other than my sophomore year in high school, I haven’t felt so close to a team!  This team was my family away from family and I would ride or die for any one of ya’ll. 

Teenie,  I love your positive attitude 100% of the time.  I’ll miss our lunch dates every Tues & Thurs.  Corina, I’ll miss dancing with you, doing the latest moves.  I’ll miss your hard work and the looks you give after accidentally hitting someone in the face and following it by “that’s not a foul” – LOL.  Nasty (Natalie), my silent competition.  You may not know this but the hard work you put in, I would always try to match, because I notice you never give up no matter what.  Thanks for the ride to Fresno, the cake was hecka cute!  Angela Rose Franklin, there’s no one on the team that I fought with more!  I’ll miss your sarcastic remarks to everything.  You’re my asst’s finisher and I’ll miss our “deny high.”  My Tue/Thurs lunch will never be the same without your dry foods with no sauce.  I still love you and oh yeah, “can I get your number?”  Alishea Carin Kelly, where do I start?  Playing with you was such a blessing.  You’ve taught me so much.  You were my coach/mentor that no one saw or knew of.  Our pep talks on the vans before damn near every game and at practices made me play harder to not let you down.  Not only were you a grat teammate, but an even better “bro.”  Always made sure my head was on straight and gave me talks about life!  The struggles and hard times you’ve overcome made me see in every situation, there’s a positive outlet.  Man, thinking of not playing with you next year brings tears to my eyes.  I love you bro! 

I love you all and thanks for an outstanding season – from the 6am mile to the fallouts on the track.  Just know I’ll always have ya’ll back.

BVC Champs!  07-08!  To my returning and new teammates, let’s get it done next year!

Love always,

Leilanie Lewis #23

Friday night…Contra Costa

February 25, 2008

Frday night Contra Costa.  Hearts racing, mind ready, fingers shaking with anxiousness.  This is the night we play for all year.  Contra Costa, our biggest rival.  You never know whats gonna happen between CC and Solano.  On top of being the biggest rivalry we face all year, it’ our last game of the conference.  Although we had already captured the conference championship,we wanted more.  The perfect conference, 14-0.  First team in history to do that.

The clock starts and we go to battle.  CC is really bringing it.  They’re giving it everything they’ve got and we fight back with just as much intensity.  Game plan – press and stop the drive.  Unfortunately for us they are raining 3’s & breaking the press just well enough to stay in the game.  Coach changes up the game plan – full court man pressure “D” the hell out of them.  We took complete control of the game everytime they tried to creep back into the game.  We’d answer back with a roar that we aren’t letting up.  It was a long hard battle when the clock had run off its final seconds…Solano 79 – CC 64!  We had done it 14-0 and it couldn’t have came on a better game.

All of the running on the track, 6 am mile runes, suicides, sidelines.  It was all left on the floor Friday night.  We wait anxiously in the team room (broom close, lol) after the game for coach to walk in.  As he enters the emotions are running high with excitement.  He begins to scream, wooooo!  It was a great feeling.  It was the night of all our lives.  Now we’re ready for the third season…playoffs!  I’m so excited for whats to come.  We have such a special group that I think we’re gonna do it.  Win the 2 games needed to go to the State Tourney!

 – Tucker #3