Solano volunteers with “My Own Book”

Ariel Clay reads to a young girl during the "My Own Book" event recently.

Ariel Clay reads to a young girl during the “My Own Book” event recently.

The Solano women’s basketball team spent time at the Solano County Library recently with the “My Own Book” organization.

My Own Book is a non-profit organization that gives brand new books to underprivileged children. Team members visit kindergarten through third grade classrooms where they read books to children, talk about the benefits of the public library, and let each child choose a book to take home.
Solano’s players put a bookplate on the inside cover of each book with the child’s name on it, to cement the idea that each book is the child’s very own. The women’s basketball team was part of one of the organization’s special events to spread the joy of reading.
“This was an amazing experience,” said Coach Matt Borchert, who recounted his experience at the event. “A little girl walked in with her mom and her mom said she hates reading and it’s a chore to read every night before bed. The little girl sat down with Ariel (Clay) and the two sat and read. I never would’ve guessed the girl didn’t like to read. The mom just sat there with her jaw to the ground. She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing.”
The kids enjoyed the visit with the basketball players so much that many of them insisted that they autograph the book next to their bookplate.

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