Coach Conni reflects on offseason conditioning

In her second summer as an assistant coach with the Solano Community College women’s basketball program, Conni Holloway is not afraid to share her opinion with the players. Whether they are an incoming freshman or a returning sophomore, Coach Conni knows the importance of working hard at your game year-round.

While she says that the transition from the end of the 2010-11 season to the spring and summer was tough on the soon-t0-be sophomores, they quickly stepped into leadership roles.

“It was good that the graduating sophomores were still around to help with some leadership issues,” said Conni, who played at Solano from 2005-06. “Coach Matt relied on them a lot to mentor the freshmen on how to be a leader.”

Sophomore forward Shannon Rankin showed some leadership traits this summer and Conni was pleased with the effort she made.

“She showed some frustration at times, but I just reminded her that she was a freshman too and to be patient,” said Conni.

Sophomores Tara Cooley and Ruby Leon, who will both be relied upon heavily this season not just for their leadership, but for their offensive and defensive skills, have been helpful in the spring and summer basketball classes.

“Tara communicated really well to the freshmen about where to be and how things are done around here,” said Conni. “Ruby leads by example on the court and sets the pace during drills. The other players feed off her aggressiveness.”

Conni pointed out that even though Dejatnai Johnson will be redshirting this year, she has assumed a more vocal position on the team as well.

“She loves to light fires under the players,” said Conni. “She knows that she is still an ingredient on this team and is a verbal communicator.”

Conni has been pleased with the work ethic of all the players and is pleased that everyone is picking up the drills quickly. That will make for an easy transition once basketball season begins.

“We have formed our family and it’s exciting to not only see our sophomores grow, but our freshmen learning,” said Conni.


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