Assistants prepping for big game

Everyone is getting ready for Solano’s big game on Wednesday against Los Medanos in Pittsburg. Assistant coaches Conni Holloway and Natalie Cooley took some time to tell us how they prepare for a big game:

Assistant coach Conni Holloway, standing, talks with sophomore Destinee Sinegal during a recent game.

“I watched the film from our last game against Los Medanos when we played them in December,” said Conni. “I texted the team about what they need to do better or work on during practice this week. I also felt that I needed to be more vocal than usual in practice. I don’t like yelling because I feel they understand me more when I pull them to the side.

“I feel that our role as assistant coaches are to motivate them and explain the importance of this game, sometimes freshman don’t understand so it’s our job to really send that message. I also know how much Coach Matt sees everything so I try to repeat him, and look for things he may have not covered that I noticed. Motivating them is big for me!”

“The key is definitely to keep them pumped up for the big game,” agreed Natalie. “They are already getting excited for this game on Wednesday and I think our job is to make sure they understand we CAN win this game! And they need the desire to win. We have to encourage them to have the desire to win so we can compete!”

Solano and Los Medanos tip off on Wednesday night in Pittsburg at 5:30 p.m. The Falcons would love to see their hometown fans in attendance at the game.


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