A dinner we’ll never forget

The Solano women’s basketball team was invited to SCC President Jowell Laguerre’s house for dinner on November 15 to celebrate the team’s second straight Bay Valley Conference championship. While some members of the team were unable to attend because of work and family commitments and illness, it was a night that those in attendance will never forget.

SCC President, Dr. Jowell Laguerre (center) and his wife Marie (far right), hosted the women's basketball team at their house for dinner to celebrate the team's second straight BVC championship.

The team ate traditional Haitian food prepared by Dr. Laguerre’s wife, Marie, and had the chance to bond with one another outside of the basketball court. Dr. Laguerre is a big basketball fan himself and had the chance to speak with the team about what positions they play, what numbers they wear (“Because when I come to your games, you won’t look the same as you look tonight,” he laughed.) and where they come from.

For Coach Matt and his wife, Angela, it was their second time visiting Dr. Laguerre’s house for dinner and for the second time, the Borcherts were extremely impressed with the Laguerres.

“I have been coaching community college women’s basketball for more than 20 years and I have never been invited over to the president’s house,” said Coach Matt as he thanked the Laguerres for their hospitality.

The team is looking forward to having Dr. Laguerre at their games this year as they try to bring home a third straight BVC championship!


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