First week of practice is successful

It seems like time is flying by – our first game is only one month away.  
However, I feel like if we keep up our dedication and hard work it will show out on the court. We just finished our first official week of practice and I am confident in this group of girls. We are all very upbeat and positive and I know that it truly does make a difference in
the way we play as a team. We can maintain a positive mindset and have fun with the game, but I know that all of these girls are determined to get the job done as soon as we step on the floor. The team has built a very strong chemistry both on and off the court and I think that is a major reason why we all work so well together. We know that no spot on the floor is guaranteed and that each of us, whether a freshman or sophomore, are going to have to compete with one another. Nonetheless, having that competition makes us work that much harder.
As an individual, I would like to improve a lot more on my defensive quickness. I understand where I need to be on the floor at what particular time, but being able to get there is a proving to be a personal challenge. However, by having such talented teammates on offense it has given me the opportunity every single day to improve.  
As a team, I would really like us to be more vocal on defense. If we can get inside our opponents’ heads and throw off their offense we can be very successful. I know when it comes time to getting it done, we will be ready to show what we’re all about.

–Bree Domingo


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