Welcome Kelci!

Most of the 2009-10 team gathered at Coach’s Matt house on June 6 to meet and welcome Kelci Roberts to California.

Kelci comes to us from Caesar Rodney High in Camden, Delaware, and we are very excited to see what she can bring to the program.

Kelci is coming off a senior season where she earned honorable mention all-state honors. She helped lead her team to the semifinals of the state tournament, where the Riders eventually lost to state champion Delcastle 55-46.

The team was excited to meet both Kelci and her sister, Erin, who is stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield. It was a great party with great food, great entertainment (the Lakers and Magic game provided some light trash talking among the players and coaches) and great weather!

The party gave the players a chance to not only meet Kelci, but for some players, it gave them a chance to sit down and talk with their future teammates who they might not have had a chance to talk with at our end of spring meeting.

Team building sessions can happen in the most unique places – like Coach Matt’s backyard or living room!

The coaching staff was very impressed with the camaraderie already on display with this group of players and hope that translates over to a successful season!


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