The State Tournament this weekend…

March 12, 2009

Coach Matt is in Fresno for the weekend for the State Tournament. It’s a long, 5 day weekend, and the events start today.

The sophomores will be participating in the Sophomore Showcase there this weekend as well, where they will have another opportunity to play in front of 4-year coaches and try to get more interest.


End of Season Meeting…

March 4, 2009

Yesterday we had our End of Season Meeting.  We recapped the overall season, then talked about what’s ahead for all of us. 

To the sophomores, we went over what they need to do to prepare themselves to move on to the next level. Although the season’s over, they’re not finished yet.  They’re still expected to keep up academically and continue to improve their basketball skills so that they can make an impact on their next team.  All three players, Leilanie, Scrappy, and Jana, are going to be playing on next year, which is an exciting thing.

To the freshman, we talked about upcoming academic deadlines, then scheduled their individual meetings with Coach Matt.  I used to love individual meetings as a player.  You are able to give your own feedback and talk about how the season went, and you find out what you need to work on for the upcoming season.  You leave those meetings with motivation, ready to put last season behind you and work to go on to bigger and bigger.


Our Season Banquet has been scheduled for Sunday, April 26th.  More details will follow as we get closer to the date.

Ang has got the pictures up from Wednesday’s game against Chabot, here.

End of the Season…

March 2, 2009

We meet for the last time as a team at our End of the Season Meeting this Tuesday.  We’ll be recapping the season, going over upcoming dates (End of the Season banquet, spring conditioning, Sophomore Showcase for the sophomores, etc…).  The girls will then get a few weeks off to relax, recoup, and rejuvenate.

As a coaching staff, we’re still going to be hitting it hard.  Besides organizing things for the end of the year (preparing for the banquet and the State Tournament), we have to already think ahead to next year.  We’re going to be devoting ourselves to recruiting and planning for next season.

Saturday’s playoff scores throughout the state:

2/27 7:00 PM Fresno 75 San Jose City 51  
2/27 7:00 PM Lassen 47 Skyline 60  
2/27 7:00 PM Rio Hondo 49 Fullerton 52  
2/27 7:00 PM Canyons 81 Mt. San Jacinto 77  
2/27 7:00 PM Antelope Valley 64 Orange Coast 41  
2/27 7:00 PM Pasadena 69 Chaffey 57  
2/27 7:00 PM Ohlone 75 Siskiyous 65  
2/27 7:00 PM Foothill 71 Butte 41  
2/28 5:30 PM San Francisco 63 Sacramento City 45  
2/28 5:30 PM San Joaquin Delta 86 Chabot 57  
2/28 7:00 PM Sierra 85 Merced 61  
2/28 7:00 PM Mt. San Antonio 76 Cerritos 51  
2/28 7:00 PM Ventura 74 Citrus 56
2/28 7:00 PM Palomar 54 San Bernardino Valley 55
2/28 7:00 PM Los Angeles City 65 Cypress 69
2/28 7:00 PM Santa Rosa 50 Shasta 42