Together, we were better…

So yes, if you’ve read the newspaper this morning or the press release below, you know we had a disappointing loss last night which ended our season.  The girls were nervous, we didn’t play well…it was not pretty.

I’m bummed that the girls have to finish their season off on such a sour note, but I hope that they look back on the overall year and really understand what they were able to accomplish. 

We had 3 sophomores and 7 freshman.  We struggled like crazy in the preseason, to a point where our confidence was barely even a spark.  The girls had people who couldn’t handle the struggling and quit on them.  We lost our first two conference games.

And after all that, with their backs against the wall, they knuckled down together, climbed back into the conference race, and pulled out 14 wins in a row to earn themselves a Bay Valley Conference banner.

I hope that today while they’re sitting in their classes, they put last night’s game out of their mind for a second and remember what they were able to do…together.


Local news from last night:

Daily Republic:  Solano women fall in first round of playoffs


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