They did it…

I can’t explain how proud I am of our team right now. To recover from such a difficult preseason, start the conference off with two losses, and then step up and win 14 games in a row is simply incredible.

This crew has confidence now.  Both captains, Leilanie and Scrappy, when I asked before the game last night how they felt on the night that could possibly be their last game at Solano, looked me directly in the eyes and responded, “Tonight’s not our last game.”

And they were right.  After decisively beating Los Medanos last night and finishing the conference 14-2, we found out that Yuba had helped us out and beat Contra Costa by 1 point, giving us a share of the BVC title and an automatic playoff bid. 
Scrappy & Leilanie

This squad gets their own banner up in the gym, and they damn well deserve it.

Local news from last night:

Daily Republic:  Solano women get share of BVC title

Vacaville Reporter:  Solano women get share of BVC title

Vallejo Times


Today we find out about All-Conference selections and we’ll find out playoff details on Monday.


One Response to They did it…

  1. no1fan says:

    Best post ever! What an exciting night and truly this team has come so far. This sophomore class is 28-2 in conference the last two years, the best record of ANY – ANY – sophomore class that has come through Solano. Congrats to Jana, Leilanie and Theresa. You are the best!

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