BVC Title!!!

Final score:

Solano 93

Los Medanos 40



Solano College


High Scorers:

Bree Domingo 14

Ashley Daniels 13

Allie Davison 12

Soroya Blunt 11


High Rebounders:

Soroya Blunt 13

Jana Jenkins 12

Theresa Keith 7


High Assists:

Goli Tavassoli 6

Bree Domingo 4

Soroya Blunt 4


High Steals:

Ashley Daniels 4


Game summary:

With their win against Los Medanos on Sophomore night, Solano finished their impressive BVC conference season by winning 14 straight games, making their conference record 14-2.  In their two years, the Solano sophomores (Jana Jenkins, Leilanie Lewis, Theresa Keith) finished their overall conference career 28-2.


With Yuba’s win tonight over Contra Costa, Solano has clinched a share of the BVC title and will receive an automatic bid to the playoffs, which start on Wednesday.


Kim Nunley, assistant women’s basketball coach

Angela Borchert, sports information


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