How big last night was…

I could tell before the game last night that the girls were ready to play.  They were pumped, yet loose.  When I walked around with the camera during shootaround and asked them about that night’s game, they came back with confident and witty responses (except you Nic!  I’m going to get you talking to the camera before the season’s done!). 

The best response came from Allie, which I will not post here.  She explained her thoughts on how pumped she was to face the “grape growers.”  And while it was an overall team effort last night, I was really happy that Al was able to demonstrate her talents in her home town.  She came out and had a great game.

We’ve now set ourselves up for a big matchup Wednesday against Yuba (who’s tied with us for second).  Last time we played them, we struggled in the first half and had to make an incredible comeback in the second half and then in overtime to pull it out. 

Coach Matt explained it to the girls the other night.  Whoever loses the game Wednesday is done; there will be no chance left of winning a banner.  Enough said.

Local news from last night:

Daily Republic:  Solano women rout Napa Valley, hold on to second

Vacaville Reporter:  Solano women stay hot with win

Napa Register:  Solano women romp past NVC


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