2-2 :)

Final score:

Solano 79

Merritt 67



Merritt College


High Scorers:

Leilanie Lewis 22

Goli Tavassoli 13

Ashley Daniels 10


High Rebounders:

Soroya Blunt 10

Jana Jenkins 10


High Assists:

Leilanie Lewis 3

Ashley Daniels 3


High Steals:

Leilanie Lewis 3


Game summary:

Solano won for the second time in a row on Friday night as they beat Merritt 79-67, bringing their BVC record to 2-2.  Leilanie Lewis was the standout leader on the floor, immediately setting the tone of intensity, leading the team statistically on the floor, and eventually helping put the nail in Merritt’s coffin with her four free throws in the last two minutes.  Overall, it was a team effort, however, as all ten Solano players scored and contributed in various ways.  The Falcons’ next matchup will be Monday, January 12th, at home against Napa Valley (5:30).


Kim Nunley, assistant women’s basketball coach

Angela Borchert, sports information


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