A step in the right direction…

We got our first conference win last night, and though it’s nice, it was really the process of how we got that “W” that makes me proud of the girls.

We weren’t perfect.  There were a couple of “What the?” plays, but they battled and they competed.  I could see them all put forth the extra effort to be more intense on the floor and on the bench.  When a player got knocked to the floor on a charge, someone was there to pick ’em up and congratulate them.  It still needs to be kicked up a notch, but it’s something that’s obviously not going to be fixed in one night.  Last night was a great step forward.

We’re now 1-2 in the BVC and will play our first away conference game this Friday against Merritt.

Local News about last night’s game:

Vacaville Reporter – “SCC women net win over Mendocino,” and the Vallejo Times (scroll down a bit).

The stats from last night are up on our website, here.

BVC Standings as of 1.7.09
Contra Costa    3-0    10-9
Yuba    3-0    8-8
Los Medanos    1-1    4-11
Napa Valley    1-1    3-10
Laney    1-1    2-10
Mendocino    1-2    4-12
Solano    1-2    4-12
Merritt    0-2    6-10
Marin    0-2    1-11
Last night’s BVC Scores:
Wednesday, Jan. 7
@Contra Costa 86, Los Medanos 52
@Yuba 83, Merritt 72
@Laney-Marin, no report
@Solano 71, Mendocino 54

One Response to A step in the right direction…

  1. no1fan says:

    Agreed that last night’s win was truly fun! It was nice to see the girls get tough and mad and do some things that maybe was out of their comfort zone a little. I think they are on the warpath now and let’s keep it going!

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