Solano? 3-12?

As a program we’re in a place right now that we’re not used to.  Needless to say, it’s been hard to deal with.

Over the previous three seasons, we lost only a total of three conference games.  And yet this season, we’ve started conference going 0-2.  We’re now 3-12 on the season.  3-12!

As a coaching staff, we’re baffled.  We were so excited about the squad that we had put together for this season.  We had lost a good chunk of sophomores last year, but felt that we had loaded ourselves up with the talented freshman needed to be successful.  Looking at our record, you may think that we were nuts.

I don’t believe that.  I don’t think this squad lacks talent.  What they lack is the knowledge of what competitiveness and intensity are all about.  In the first half last night, when we’re struggling, Allie makes this incredible play.  The girl launches herself out of bounds to save a loose ball and is able to knock it off an opponent to give us possession.  It was beautiful.  I jump up and scream, only to look around me to see the 5 subs with their butts still on the bench, politely clapping.

It’s just crazy.

Where is the bench getting up and going nuts?  And where are her other four teammates on the floor, sprinting over to help Allie up, slap her on the butt, chest bump, scream in her face about how awesome her effort was, etc…

Laney outplayed us last night, and unfortunately, we really didn’t care either way.  It’s that, not the talent that needs to be fixed if we’re going to suck it up and make some noise in conference this year.

Sadly, I’ve only seen this team show that they have the guts to do that once this year, when they came back to win against Ohlone in the Gervasoni Memorial Tournament.  It almost seems like they just expect it to work out, like it’ll just happen if they wait it out.  I don’t know if they understand that they are the ones that need to act and make it happen.

Let’s hope they can prove me and everybody else who doubt them wrong and do something about their situation.

Note:  The Daily Republic article from last night’s game can be found here.


One Response to Solano? 3-12?

  1. no1fan says:

    Things will turn around. This post is right on. There is a lot of talent on this team and it shouldn’t go wasted. This is a fun team to watch and that is evidenced by all the people that come out and support them at all the home games.

    Go Falcons!

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