Consolation Championship game…

Final score:

Solano 52

Cosumnes River 79



De Anza College, Gervasoni Memorial Tournament


High Scorers:

Leilanie Lewis 11

Nicole Menzie 8

Theresa Keith 7

Soroya Blunt 7


High Rebounders:

Soroya Blunt 8

Leilanie Lewis 6

Theresa Keith 6

Nicole Menzie 5


High Assists:

Bree Domingo 3

Goli Tavassoli 3


High Steals:

Theresa Keith 4


Game summary:

Solano finished their preseason with a loss to Cosumnes River, 52-79, in the Consolation Championship game of the Gervasoni Memorial Tournament at De Anza College.  The Falcons will go into Bay Valley Conference play with a 3-10 record and will look to take the lessons learned through the difficult preseason into their venture for another conference title.  They will travel to Contra Costa for their first conference game on Friday, January 2nd for their 5:30 game.


Kim Nunley, assistant women’s basketball coach

Angela Borchert, sports information


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