The Solano Showdown

So I’m sitting with my fellow coaches on the last day of the Solano Showdown, and unfortunately our team is not playing today. We were double-eliminated from our own tournament. It’s frustrating, somewhat depressing, and yet as a staff we are still optimistic about the group that we have.

We have the talent to compete with anybody, we really do. Do we need to work on our skills? Of course, and as a coaching staff we decided that we’re going to devote more time into improving our players’ basic skills.

But, what we’re really lacking right now is fight. We don’t have that “refuse to lose” attitude that we need to have. We let balls get taken from us, don’t dive on the floor. We downright get outworked.

We have one more tournament before we start conference play. We’re going to spend this upcoming week on improving our skills and working on learning how to compete.

Again, like in all of our games, there were some really good things that happened this weekend. I have some of Angela’s photos from our loss last night to Chabot, below.



One Response to The Solano Showdown

  1. no1fan says:

    I am excited to see the girls improve even more over the next couple weeks. They have already come a long way and the hard work will pay off!

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