The girls are scattered around two hotel rooms right now, completely engrossed in their school work for study hall. The team is one, if not the best, academically focused group. I had to step out to do an errand, came back, and they were still quiet and busy at work.

Last night we lost our first round game to Moorpark. The girls played their butts off, but we ended up falling 64-72. They’re really coming around. As a coaching staff, we’re just trying to keep them upbeat and confident. The improvement they’ve made from the beginning has been drastic, and we’re right on the cusp of becoming one of the elite teams.

After the game, we all went out for pizza to celebrate Allie & Coach Kate’s birthday, and then picked up a cake and had fun at the hotel.  Some video games, karoake, and the creative decoration of hotel doors (you’re going to have to get the real inside scoop from one of the players).

Tonight’s a biggie as in the second round, we take on Delta College from Stockton at 8:00. I think we’re going to come out and play our butts off again. Every game is an opportunity for us to develop and improve.

Last night’s press release:
Final score:

Solano 64

Moorpark 72



El Diamante High School, COS Tournament


High Scorers:

Macie Wilcox 13

Bree Domingo 8

Soroya Blunt 8


High Rebounders:

Soroya Blunt 10

Allie Davison 7


High Steals:

Leilanie Lewis 4

Bree Domingo 4


High Assists:

Bree Domingo 5


Game summary:

The Falcons opened up the COS Tournament with a loss to Moorpark, 64-72, on Thursday night.  Solano stayed on Moorpark’s tail the entire game, and took a two point lead late in the second half, but couldn’t capitalize on opportunities down the stretch.  The team will take on Delta College in the second round on Friday night at 8:00.


Kim Nunley, assistant women’s basketball coach

Angela Borchert, sports information


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