The last 2…

We’ve played two games since I updated last.  Been a little overwhelmed with eating as much turkey as possible. 🙂

Below are the press releases for each game (Butte & Fresno).  You can also catch the lastest from Ang at Borchert Media Relations, who took some really nice shots from the Fresno game, here.

Butte (11/29)

Final score:

Solano 64

Butte 83



Butte College


High Scorers:

Bree Domingo 12

Macie Wilcox 9

Allie Davison 8

Goli Tavassoli 8


High Rebounders:

Soroya Blunt 12

Theresa Keith 5

Jana Jenkins 5


High Steals:

Macie Wilcox 5

Theresa Keith 4


High Assists:

Leilanie Lewis 4


Game summary:

The Falcons came out the gates flat and despite a second half run could never recover, falling to Butte College on Saturday night, 64-83.  From the jump, Solano allowed Butte to outhustle them on the boards and to loose balls.  The Falcons were able to bring the deficit to 12 in the second half and seemed to gather a little momentum off steals by Theresa Keith, but failed to come any closer.  The team will have three days of practice before they leave for Visalia and the Tom Gilcrest Tournament on Thursday.



Fresno (11/25)

Final score:

Solano 69

Fresno 73



Solano College, Fairfield


High Scorers:

Bree Domingo 16

Soroya Blunt 16

Macie Wilcox 15


High Rebounders:

Soroya Blunt 14

Theresa Keith 5


High Steals:

Soroya Blunt 5


High Assists:

Bree Domingo 4

Ashley Daniels 4


Game summary:

The Falcons came up just short in their loss to Fresno on Tuesday night, falling 73-69.  Solano stayed on Fresno’s heels the entire game, even tying it up with about five minutes to go.  The game was won at the free throw line, as the Falcons found themselves in consistent foul trouble and gave Fresno 44 free throw attempts. 


Kim Nunley, assistant women’s basketball coach

Angela Borchert, sports information


One Response to The last 2…

  1. no1fan says:

    If you are learning from a loss, that’s all that matters. I am seeing some great things out there on the court. Contonue to get better and learn from your mistakes – individually and as a team. Never lose sight of what’s most important…you came to Solano to get better and that’s exactly what you are doing!

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