Alumni update…

All five of our sophomores from last year moved on and are playing at a 4-year college.  Wanted to give you an update on how each of them are doing…

Christine Tucker (“Teenie,” “Tuck”)

Christine Tucker

Christine Tucker

Eastern Nazarene University just pulled out their first win, in which Teenie had a TRIPLE-DOUBLE, scoring 14 points, dishing 11 assists, grabbing 10 boards, and nabbing 4 steals for the Crusaders.  In the team’s first three losses, Teenie scored 18, 20, and 23 points, respectively.  She’s also averaging around 10 rebounds a game.



Alishea Kelly (“Robot,” “Lil Bit”)

Alishea Kelly

Alishea Kelly

Robot is starting for the Mavs and scored 4 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in the season’s first official game.  Mesa State is currently 0-2 on the season.



Angela Franklin (“Turtle”)

Angela Franklin

Angela Franklin

Turtle is starting for the Javelinas, and in her team’s last game vs. Texas Woman’s, scored 17 points.  She’s currently averaging 10.7 points and 4.7 rebounds in her team’s 0-3 start.



 Corina Cornelius (“Rina,” “C”) and Natalie Cooley (“Nasty”)

Natalie Cooley

Natalie Cooley

Corina Cornelius

Corina Cornelius

Rina and Natalie are both starting and making an impact at William Jessup.  Taken from their team’s website on their last game:  Junior Corina Cornelius, playing on a badly sprained ankle, stepped up defensively, hounding the NCC ball-handlers non-stop and forcing several turn overs, and Junior Natalie Cooley started knocking down jumpers.  Both of them have pictures in that writeup, here.


One Response to Alumni update…

  1. no1fan says:

    Great job to all the alumni! It’s great to hear that they are all making an impact at the next level. We miss you all very much but are happy to hear of your success! See you around Christmas!?

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