We hosted our first home game on Saturday night vs. Siskiyous.

Opening night.  New gym.  Huge crowd.  Talented opponent.

There was definetely an energy in the air.  The night was so exciting, as we were able to come back from being down early to beating Siskiyous 67-61.  (you can read the game recap and see the stats here). 

As a coaching staff, we were worried about the fight of this team, as at times during practice they lack the competitiveness that a successful team needs.  Well, the girls basically told us to shove it with their performance on Saturday night.  They battled and never let up.  They are a fun bunch to watch.

After our first game loss to De Anza, however, we bounced down a bit in the State rankings, moving from 12th to 14th in the North.

Tonight, we take on Hartnell at home at 5:30.

Pictures from the Siskiyous game will be available soon.

– Coach Kim


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  1. no1fan says:

    So true! What a fun bunch to watch! It’s going to be a great season with lots of talent ready to play every night.

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