3 days…

Only three days left until our first official game.  On Friday, we’ll be hitting the vans and heading to De Anza in Cupertino to play at 7:00.

Yesterday we had an intersquad scrimmage and the girls came away from it with mixed emotions.  They were a little down that things didn’t go as well as expected.  Things were unorganized and they struggled a bit. 

But, that’s exactly why we put them through scrimmages before the official games.  It’s a huge transition to go from “just playing” to having to remember our system stuff at every second.  They are now required to play with a hightened consciousness and it doesn’t just come.  It takes practice.  So, Wednesday we’re going to go at it again, and I’m convinced the results are going to be better.

We’re young, but we’re very talented.  As long as our Freshman adjust quickly to the increase in intensity and physicality, I think we’re going to do well.  They might face a rude awakening right away as they get balls ripped from their grips and knocked on their butts, but they’re a competitive group and I’m sure they’ll respond pretty quickly.

I’ll be putting up directions to De Anza soon for our loyal fans.  If you can’t make it Friday, please come out to our new gym and support on Saturday night as we take on Siskiyous at 6:00.

– Coach Kim


One Response to 3 days…

  1. no1fan says:

    It’ll be a nice change for the girls to play against someone other than each other. Good Luck to the girls on Friday. Can’t wait to see you in those white unis on Saturday!

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