From Captain Scrappy…

These last few months have gone by really fast.  It seems like just yesterday we were back at the athletic club, trying to play five on five, on a court that seemed like half the length.  This team has grown so much in the last few months, but we still have a long ways to go.  We faced mentally tough challenges on the track, where only the toughest survived.  We finally got into our new gym, which by the way is amazing!!!  We ran the Chapman, and established who was mentally tough enough and had the heart to play at SCC. 

Now with only 9 more days of practice left I sit here and think to my self…am I really ready for this season to start?  Not because I don’t have confidence in this team and not because where young.  But because I knew as fast as this season starts…it’s going to end. And I’m not ready for it to end.  The team is really starting to bond now.  We had lots of fun on our fun Friday trips.  The majority of the team even went over to Coach Mat’s house last weekend.  We all ate pizza and played board games.  Alli even baked cookies (must be a Napa thing jk).  Yes, I know this team won’t last forever. But I do know our memories and the bonds will.  So I guess there is only one last thing to say right now…

Let’s go get them ladies!!! Athletically, let’s have another year undefeated in conference.  And let’s make it to state this time!!!  Academically, let’s have everyone make the dean’s list and sophomores make academic all conference!  I’m very excited to see what this team can really do!!! Good luck to all my teammates but most importantly, let’s have fun and kick some butt!    

Captain SCRAP # 33


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