This week…

It seems like since the beginning of the semester, we’ve been unable to get everyone at practice for a full week straight.  Ilness, miscommunication, and family issues seem to be popping up nonstop.  As you can imagine, it has been difficult to really get into a flow. 

Combine that with the ongoing construction on our facilities, and this semester has been filled with craziness and confusion.  Maybe this week we can finally get into a groove and have everybody here every single day.

Last Friday we had a really good practice.  I mean, really good.  The squad’s starting to really understand how to play pressure defense.  They get how important it is that with our size limitations, that we get into people’s shorts and make them so enamorated with the pressure that they can’t even think about their 6 foot post player being guarded by our 5’5 player.  They’re denying hard and being more aggressive.  We still need to get better on our defensive rebounding, as again our lack of height is going to put us at a disadvantage.

Note:  If you “adopted” one of our players as part of our fundraising efforts, thank you!  We’re working on getting all of the items (t-shirts, autographed pics, etc…) to you.

– Coach Kim


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