Hall of Fame

On Monday, I’m going to be introducing two of my former Solano teammates as they are inducted into the Solano College Hall of Fame.  Both Sara Gordon (97-99) and Erika Morrow (98-00) really deserve to join the eleven other former women basketball players.

Both were All-Conference and All-Northern California players, and each of them were a part of teams that won Bay Valley Conference titles.  Sara’s team went to the Final Four her freshman year, and Erika’s team went to the Elight Eight her sophomore year.

The banquet is at 7:00 (after cocktails at 6:00) at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fairfield, CA.

I’m excited to be a part of their induction.  Oh, and if Erika or Sara read this before the banquet, you might want to be nice to me, or I have good stories about each of you to share with the crowd. 🙂

– Coach Kim


One Response to Hall of Fame

  1. no1fan says:

    Congrats to Sara and Erika. Very well-deserved honor to join a very pretigious group of women!

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