Monday update…

The Fall semester is always crazy for the coaching staff.  We’re busy getting the team ready for the season with conditioning, teaching them our system, and working with them on their fundamental knowledge & ability.

Plus, we’ve been swamped getting logistical things together.  There’s a lot to do at the junior college level that four-year university programs have administrative assistants or media personnel to do for them.  We’re updating our website, putting together this year’s media guide, organizing fundraising activities, designing our sophomore newsletter, and a whole lot of other things that are currently bombarding my to-do list.

The girl’s have been doing really well over the last week.  They’ve been working hard and they’re so much fun to watch at practice.  This year’s team competes, more than any other team I’ve coached at Solano.  We may be young, but we’re going to go hard at opponents.

– Coach Kim


One Response to Monday update…

  1. no1fan says:

    Teaser: The media guide is coming together really well. Everyone should look forward to another great publication to represent these hard working girls!

    Great job coaching staff!

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