More than just shooting baskets…

There’s more to being a part of a college athletic program than just playing the sport.

Our team just finished the first week of long sprints.  I’ve already told you how the first day went.  Wednesday was somewhat better, but still not drama-free.

Nick & Soroya

Nick & Soroya

On Friday, the individuals who had things that prevented them from conditioning on Labor Day had to make up their sprints.  During that conditioning, we ended up losing a player, who wasn’t able to push themselves through the discomfort and eventually made the decision that it wasn’t worth it.

There’s more to playing college basketball than showing up to practice and games.  The sprints are about getting our players ready for the season, yes.  However, they serve an even bigger purpose by teaching them how to push beyond their comfort zones. 

Bottom line is we don’t use our players. We expect our players to succeed academically and act like adults when they’re on their own.  We don’t just recruit them, have them show up and do whatever they want as long as they help us win games.  If you play at Solano, you’ll learn what real hard work is.  If you don’t want to do it, then you won’t make it.

– Coach Kim


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