They’ve survived two weeks…

Two weeks of conditioning down.  So far, so good.  Next week, however, is really going to be the start of the challenge, as we hit the track for long sprints.  That type of work is usually a shock to the systems of the freshman, who’ve never had to really push through the “I’m going to die” feeling.

It’ll be interesting, as we touched on some long sprints in the summer and they honestly didn’t respond too well.  However, with Coach Matt and I standing, stopwatches in hand, and the threat of everybody re-running the sprints if one player’s time isn’t made, typically provides them with some inspiration.

This is where they will really learn what it means to push themselves; where they find there’s more in the tank than they originally thought.  I feel like going through this myself as a player back in the day and that mental toughness that develops has transferred to my daily life responsibilities.  I know I will take care of things that need to be done whether I’m tired or not.  It’s a skill that will help them throughout their whole lives.

Oh, and they’re going to be able to run all over the competition. 🙂

– Coach Kim


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