Catching up with Captain Tucker

Christine Tucker, our captain for the 07-08 season, received a scholarship to Eastern Nazarene University in Boston, MA.  She e-mailed me today with an update on how she is doing:

We havent started school yet but I wrote a lil bit about what I know so far…lol.  I am now in Quincy, Mass.  It’s about 10 miles outside of the city of Boston.  I absolutely love it out here. 

The school is great. It has a family feel to it, like Solano!  My teammates are mostly from the East Coast, but they all love hearing about how life was for me in Cali.  I’ve only met half my teammates bcuz we dont start school for anotha week, so some of them are still at home for the summer. 

I’m lookin forward to school and basketball in a new place!  I’m going to miss everyone and wish them all the luck this season and in their futures.

– Teenie

We wish Tucker the best!

– Coach Kim


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