Solano squad names new team captain…

With captain Christine Tucker moving on, Coach Matt has named Theresa Keith as team captain for this upcoming season.  “Scrappy” will join last year’s freshman captain, Leilanie Lewis.  Scrappy was an easy choice, as she is the ultimate “lead by example” player, both athletically and academically .  Here’s Scrappy’s first blog entry:

August 18, 2008 was the beginning of many things.  I am very excited for this season.  There are 17 girls on our team.  All with different personalities.  We have recruited some of the top women’s basketball players from all over local high schools.  The freshman got their first taste of college, while the sophomores pointed them in the right direction. 

Academically the competition has started.  Our goal, that everyone makes the dean’s list.  But for the sophomores it’s also to make Academic All-Conference.  Atletically, the competition will be back to back BVC champs, with our ultimate goal in mind, to win state.

This year will be very different from all my other years that I have played.  I don’t think we really have a go-to player.  We don’t have an Angela Franklin or a Lil’ Bit.  Everyone has to really step it up offensively and defensively.  But it isn’t a bad thing because everyone and anyone can be a threat at anytime.  I believe that this is going to make us stronger because we all have to work together.

I am really looking forward to all 17 different young ladies becoming one team and all the up and down times we may encounter as a team.  Good luck to all my teammates.

-Scrappy #33


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