Like we always do at this time…

Yesterday was the first day of the Fall Semester.  The freshman experienced their very first college classes, and the sophomores began their last year at Solano. 

Conditioning started as well.  The women hit the track for energy systems development, and then participated in a new weight room routine.  I wanted to limit the amount of time of rest in the weight room.  With such a big squad, in the summertime, there were times that they were just waiting a little too long. 

So, Coach Matt and I decided to split the team into two groups.  I take half and he takes half.  My half hits the weights and perform exercises in a superset fashion (performing a second exercise during their rest period of one exercise), and his half gets some ballhandling work in.  After 20 minutes, we switch.  Day 1 = success.

Still waiting on the gym getting finished, so after conditioning/weights, we had our Fall team meeting where rules and expectations were given.  Oh, and they came up with this year’s team handshake.

Taking it back old school  = one reason why this team is so awesome. 

In all seriousness, the women seem to be on the same page and have the right mentality as we realy start this journey together.

– Coach Kim


One Response to Like we always do at this time…

  1. no1fan says:

    Glad to hear this team is “awesome!” Can’t wait to see them on the court in the brand new gym, with brand new unis! Work hard ladies!

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