Fun Friday, bowling…

August 29, 2008

Thank goodness that we are a basketball team and now a bowling team, as we would probably never win. ūüôā

We went on our second Fun Friday event today at Stars Bowling in Vacaville.  The girls are really starting to get comfortable and their goofy personalities are finally coming out as we continue to learn about each other.

– Coach Kim


They’ve survived two weeks…

August 28, 2008

Two weeks of conditioning down.¬† So far, so good.¬† Next week, however, is really going to be the start of the challenge, as we hit the track for long sprints.¬† That type of work is usually a shock to the systems of the freshman, who’ve never had to really push through the “I’m going to die” feeling.

It’ll be interesting, as we touched on some long sprints in the summer and they honestly didn’t respond too well.¬† However, with Coach Matt and I standing, stopwatches in hand, and the threat of everybody re-running the sprints if¬†one player’s¬†time isn’t made, typically provides them with some inspiration.

This is where they will really learn what it means to push themselves; where they find there’s more in the tank than they originally thought.¬† I feel like going through this myself as a player back in the day and that mental toughness that develops has transferred to my daily life responsibilities.¬† I know I will take care of things that¬†need to be done whether I’m tired or not.¬† It’s a skill that will help them throughout their whole lives.

Oh, and they’re going to be able to run all over the competition. ūüôā

– Coach Kim

Catching up with Captain Tucker

August 25, 2008

Christine Tucker, our captain for the 07-08 season, received a scholarship to Eastern Nazarene University in Boston, MA.  She e-mailed me today with an update on how she is doing:

We havent started school yet but¬†I wrote a lil bit about what¬†I know so far…lol.¬† I am now in Quincy, Mass.¬† It’s about 10 miles outside of the city of Boston. ¬†I¬†absolutely love it out here.¬†

The school is great. It has a family feel to it, like Solano!¬† My teammates are mostly from the East Coast, but they all love hearing about how life was for me in Cali.¬† I’ve only met half my teammates bcuz we dont start school for anotha week, so some of them are still at home for the summer.¬†

I’m lookin forward to school and basketball in a new place!¬† I’m going to miss everyone and wish them all the luck this season and in their futures.

– Teenie

We wish Tucker the best!

– Coach Kim

The first “Fun Friday” event a success…

August 24, 2008

Before official practice starts on October 13th, the girls get Friday’s off from their conditioning routine to go out and have some fun together.¬† Our first “Fun Friday” excursion included a trip to Scandia for a competitive match of Miniature Golf.

Kecia Holland easily took the prize for the best score, but if I wasn’t busy taking pictures, it would have been a different story.¬† Denisha Brown took the “Most Inspirational” for her refusal to quit as she consistently found her ball in the lawn :).

– Coach Kim

Solano squad names new team captain…

August 22, 2008

With captain Christine Tucker moving on, Coach Matt has named Theresa Keith as team captain for this upcoming season.¬† “Scrappy” will join last year’s freshman captain, Leilanie Lewis.¬† Scrappy was an easy choice, as¬†she is the ultimate “lead by example” player, both¬†athletically and academically .¬† Here’s Scrappy’s first blog entry:

August 18, 2008 was the beginning of many things.¬† I am very excited for this season.¬† There are 17 girls on our team.¬† All with different personalities.¬† We have recruited some of the top women’s basketball players from all over local high schools.¬† The freshman got their first taste of college, while the sophomores pointed them in the right direction.¬†

Academically the competition has started.¬† Our goal, that everyone makes the dean’s list.¬† But for the sophomores it’s also to make Academic All-Conference.¬† Atletically, the competition will be back to back BVC champs, with our ultimate goal in mind, to win state.

This year will be very different from all my other years that I have played.¬† I don’t think we really have a go-to player.¬† We don’t have an Angela Franklin or a Lil’ Bit.¬† Everyone has to really step it up offensively and defensively.¬† But it isn’t a bad thing because everyone and anyone can be a threat at anytime.¬† I believe that this is going to make us stronger because we all have to work together.

I am really looking forward to all 17 different young ladies becoming one team and all the up and down times we may encounter as a team.  Good luck to all my teammates.

-Scrappy #33

Yesterday was the start of a new journey…

August 20, 2008

Yesterday was the start of a new journey.  A quest for success that we shall conquer.

The talent gathered this year is amazing and exciting.¬† The work ethics of my fellow teammates inspire me to stay focused on our goals, and that’s defending the BVC title.¬† Not only do we want to win athletically, but academically as well by making the Dean’s list.

I got faith in this group and I believe if we stayed focused, all achievement shall be surpassed.

Signing out,

Captain Lewis ūüôā #23

Like we always do at this time…

August 19, 2008

Yesterday was the first day of the Fall Semester.  The freshman experienced their very first college classes, and the sophomores began their last year at Solano. 

Conditioning started as well.  The women hit the track for energy systems development, and then participated in a new weight room routine.  I wanted to limit the amount of time of rest in the weight room.  With such a big squad, in the summertime, there were times that they were just waiting a little too long. 

So, Coach Matt and I decided to split the team into two groups.  I take half and he takes half.  My half hits the weights and perform exercises in a superset fashion (performing a second exercise during their rest period of one exercise), and his half gets some ballhandling work in.  After 20 minutes, we switch.  Day 1 = success.

Still waiting on the gym getting finished, so after conditioning/weights, we had our Fall team meeting where rules and expectations were given.¬† Oh, and they came up with this year’s team handshake.

Taking it back old school  = one reason why this team is so awesome. 

In all seriousness, the women seem to be on the same page and have the right mentality as we realy start this journey together.

– Coach Kim