End of the Year Banquet

April 30, 2008

We had our End of the Year banquet last Sunday at the Hilton in Fairfield.  Though there was a bit of difficulty with the Hilton staff setting everything up as they said they were going to, it was still a great evening and nice to see the group all back together again. 

The girls got all fancied up, most of them wearing dresses.  Throughout the evening, we recognized our support staff, the coaching staff, and the girls.   Some awards that were given out:

Player of the Year:  Natalie CooleyNatalie wins Player of the Year

Falcon Award:  Natalie Cooley

Bay Valley Conference MVP:  Angela Franklin

All Bay Valley Conference:  Alishea Kelly & Christine Tucker

Academic All Bay Valley Conference:  Alishea Kelly, Natalie Cooley, and Corina Cornelius

We also watched the highlight video, which I’m working on uploading now to put it on the blog.  Hopefully it will be up by the end of the day.

– Coach Kim


Scrappy & the other girls getting buff

April 23, 2008

The girl’s are still busting their butts in the weight room.  It’s fun to see them get excited about working hard and getting stronger.

Theresa doing bench press

Spring conditioning update…

April 19, 2008

So for the last few weeks we’ve started to somewhat kick it up a notch with conditioning.  From 2:30-4:30, we’ve been working on agility, quickness, strength, and basketball skill work.  It’s been interesting dealing without a gym, and the girl’s have been very patient.  They’ve been coming every day and working their butts off, ball-handling on the outside tennis courts.

The exciting thing I’ve noticed from this group is their early team comradery and desire to improve during this time.  I think winning conference but coming up short in the playoffs have served as a bit of motivation for our returners.  Leilanie has already stepped up even more in a leadership role.  Jana, Theresa, Kecia, and Jasmine have been busting their butts.


(Kecia working on her guns.)


(Tucker & Theresa think they have bigger muscles than me now…they wish!)

As coaches, we’ve been busy getting ready for the End of Season banquet on the 27th.  With all that we’re doing, it’s going to probably be the nicest banquet in the history of our program.

– Coach Kim