Spring Conditioning

Yesterday we started our Spring Conditioning program.  Because it still hasn’t been long since the season ended, and that Spring Break is next week, the first week is going to be low-key.

Coach Annie and I talked to the team about goal setting, where we explained how to take dreams or long-term goals and break them down into shorter term goals and eventually into daily to-do lists.  Thursday the girls are going to come with their dreams/long-term goals and we’re going to help them break them down.  It’s an important skill to learn, and I’m glad we decided to go over it with the team.

After the lecture, we played about 30 minutes of Ultimate Tennis Ball (which if you’re familiar with Ultimate Frisbee, it’s the same, just using a tennis ball instead of a frisbee).  Coach Annie took one team and I took the other.  Let me just state for the record that my team won the first half 12-11, but Coach Annie’s team won (they cheated 🙂 ) the second half.

– Coach Kim


One Response to Spring Conditioning

  1. no1fan says:

    If this cheating allegation is true…doesn’t surprise me! You gotta watch out for those Idahoans! Hee hee!

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