Goodbye Solano…

This will be one of my last journal entries ever as a Solano Falcon.  It makes me sad to think about leaving Solano.  I’ve been here for 3 years and created many bonds w/ teammates, coaches, & fellow athletes.  This experience has been a really great one.  I’ve learned so many things that will make me a better person throughout my life.  Since I’ve been @ Solano, I’ve gained many different teammates that are now more than just teammates to me, they are my sisters forever.  I’ve shared w/ them many laughs, good times, hard times, and so much more.  I know that this bond we’ve created will never fade.  Sure, time will pass and me and my sisters may not talk or see each other as often, but I will always have them all in my heart.  I will never forget them. 

I will always remember spending the night @ Candice’s house and how much love her and her family showed me.  I will always remember Rina & Nasty being “Shake & Bake” – doing big things for the team especially when we needed a kick.  Lil Bit & Keece always roasting everyone (they still haven’t got me yet J.  I’ll always remember Tues & Thurs lunch w/ Lei & Angela.  Brandi and me always competing for the higher grade in class; first English and now Math.  Theresa, Nasty & me – the “3 white girls” on the team.  I will always remember the pre-game talk sitting next to Klacky and her farting!  My girl Jana – “I’ll kill you!” and her always forgetting the plays and looking at her hands…Jazz going through many things but still pulling through the whole season.  Jakiya working super hard in practice and still finding a way to come to school the next day all cute when everyone else had sweats on.

Coach Annie always talking w/ her hands.  Coach Melissa playing w/ us, beasting in the post and making us work harder.  Coach Kim…hmm so much to say but I got one word – “Chapman” – thanks.  Coach George in pre-game one time saying “running around w/ your head cut off” – big pause – “like a chicken.”  And my favorite Coach Matt moment is in practice when he does the back somersault flop! 


I will always remember all these things and I loved every moment of them.  I love all my teammates and coaches and now I will miss them greatly as we all move on.  This year has been the best year of my college career.  Not because of our success but because of the people who were a part of it –

– Tucker #3


One Response to Goodbye Solano…

  1. no1fan says:

    You will be missed more than you know Teenie!

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