Goodbye sophomores

Sweat & tears, joys & fears, defeated & undefeated;  these words come to my mind when I think about the past year!  After all the years of down-grading Solano, I can proudly sit here and say this is the best choice I’ve made so far.  Being blessed with the best coaching staff and 13 (including Catie) AMAZING beautiful women on my team is way more than what I could ask for.

Other than my sophomore year in high school, I haven’t felt so close to a team!  This team was my family away from family and I would ride or die for any one of ya’ll. 

Teenie,  I love your positive attitude 100% of the time.  I’ll miss our lunch dates every Tues & Thurs.  Corina, I’ll miss dancing with you, doing the latest moves.  I’ll miss your hard work and the looks you give after accidentally hitting someone in the face and following it by “that’s not a foul” – LOL.  Nasty (Natalie), my silent competition.  You may not know this but the hard work you put in, I would always try to match, because I notice you never give up no matter what.  Thanks for the ride to Fresno, the cake was hecka cute!  Angela Rose Franklin, there’s no one on the team that I fought with more!  I’ll miss your sarcastic remarks to everything.  You’re my asst’s finisher and I’ll miss our “deny high.”  My Tue/Thurs lunch will never be the same without your dry foods with no sauce.  I still love you and oh yeah, “can I get your number?”  Alishea Carin Kelly, where do I start?  Playing with you was such a blessing.  You’ve taught me so much.  You were my coach/mentor that no one saw or knew of.  Our pep talks on the vans before damn near every game and at practices made me play harder to not let you down.  Not only were you a grat teammate, but an even better “bro.”  Always made sure my head was on straight and gave me talks about life!  The struggles and hard times you’ve overcome made me see in every situation, there’s a positive outlet.  Man, thinking of not playing with you next year brings tears to my eyes.  I love you bro! 

I love you all and thanks for an outstanding season – from the 6am mile to the fallouts on the track.  Just know I’ll always have ya’ll back.

BVC Champs!  07-08!  To my returning and new teammates, let’s get it done next year!

Love always,

Leilanie Lewis #23


One Response to Goodbye sophomores

  1. no1fan says:

    It was a great year and I am looking forward to more great things next year, Point Guard!

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