Playoff update

Coach Matt thought that we were going to be seeded at #12, but we got the #11 seed, which matches us up with Siskiyous on Saturday, 7 o’clock.  We lost to Siskiyous in the preseason by 10, but after watching the film this week, we really played bad that game.  We’ve gotten a lot better since then.

However, we’re not nieve in thinking that Siskiyous hasn’t improved over the two months since we’ve seen each other either.  Their player, Myers, was named to the first team All-State team, and I believe they’ve gotten better at getting her the ball in the post.  This week is going to be devoted to improving on “air time” and getting around the post to the correct position while the passes are in the air, and tightening up our help side defense.  I really believe that’s going to be the key to the game.

Congrats to Angela Franklin, who was named to Third Team All-State!

– Coach Kim


One Response to Playoff update

  1. no1fan says:

    I heard that the girls are really excited about the playoff matchup. That’s great. Half the battle is staying motivated at this point in the season and not having a sense of burnout. It doesn’t sound like to me that the girls are ready for this season to be over. It’s gone by so fast, I can’t believe the playoffs are here already. Keep up the great work in the playoffs. Execute, have fun and play your hearts out!

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