Friday night…Contra Costa

Frday night Contra Costa.  Hearts racing, mind ready, fingers shaking with anxiousness.  This is the night we play for all year.  Contra Costa, our biggest rival.  You never know whats gonna happen between CC and Solano.  On top of being the biggest rivalry we face all year, it’ our last game of the conference.  Although we had already captured the conference championship,we wanted more.  The perfect conference, 14-0.  First team in history to do that.

The clock starts and we go to battle.  CC is really bringing it.  They’re giving it everything they’ve got and we fight back with just as much intensity.  Game plan – press and stop the drive.  Unfortunately for us they are raining 3’s & breaking the press just well enough to stay in the game.  Coach changes up the game plan – full court man pressure “D” the hell out of them.  We took complete control of the game everytime they tried to creep back into the game.  We’d answer back with a roar that we aren’t letting up.  It was a long hard battle when the clock had run off its final seconds…Solano 79 – CC 64!  We had done it 14-0 and it couldn’t have came on a better game.

All of the running on the track, 6 am mile runes, suicides, sidelines.  It was all left on the floor Friday night.  We wait anxiously in the team room (broom close, lol) after the game for coach to walk in.  As he enters the emotions are running high with excitement.  He begins to scream, wooooo!  It was a great feeling.  It was the night of all our lives.  Now we’re ready for the third season…playoffs!  I’m so excited for whats to come.  We have such a special group that I think we’re gonna do it.  Win the 2 games needed to go to the State Tourney!

 – Tucker #3


One Response to Friday night…Contra Costa

  1. no1fan says:

    I am really proud of you guys…what a great game. We are all looking forward to the playoffs!


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