Tonight’s a biggie…

Tonight’s our second game vs. Napa.  It’s probably the game that has the most riding on it for us this year, putting the most pressure on us.  While we ended up winning 63-49 in the first contest, they were able to stay around for a long time.  We shot really bad that night.  Although each game from here on out is important and we need to be ready, tonight’s game is the one that makes me the most nervous!

We’ve been kicking it up a notch with recruiting lately.  This is the last month where we get to support those young women who we hope to become a part of our program next year by going to watch their last high school games.  They really are great group.  We are constantly doing our best to give them as much information as possible about our program and what we’re about.  I just hope they realize that if they all make the decision to be together at Solano, we’re going to have a team to reckon with next year.

Our quest for another banner – 6 games to go!


-Coach Kim


One Response to Tonight’s a biggie…

  1. no1fan says:

    What a win. Great job and congrats to the entire team for a stellar effort.

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