Not pretty, but a win nevertheless

Well, on Friday we beat Los Medanos for the second time.  Did we play well?  No way.  In fact, it was a pretty ugly game.  I could tell the moment that the girl’s showed up at the gym that it was going to be an interesting game.  I don’t know if they’re getting tired, but they were completely out of it.  Some were sick and therefore didn’t feel well, but the aurora around the entire team was…blah!

We had enough to pull out the win, however, so we moved to 8-0 in conference.  This week is a big one.  We play Napa Valley for the second time and they were the team that gave us the most trouble in conference.  If we play like we did on Friday vs. Los Medanos, Napa could easily pull out the upset.  Hopefully the girls have gotten some rest and will come back this week motivated and ready to go!

– Coach Kim


One Response to Not pretty, but a win nevertheless

  1. no1fan says:

    I’m not worried…the girls always show up for the big games and always follow a bad game with a great game! Go Falcons!

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