Playoff update

February 27, 2008

Coach Matt thought that we were going to be seeded at #12, but we got the #11 seed, which matches us up with Siskiyous on Saturday, 7 o’clock.  We lost to Siskiyous in the preseason by 10, but after watching the film this week, we really played bad that game.  We’ve gotten a lot better since then.

However, we’re not nieve in thinking that Siskiyous hasn’t improved over the two months since we’ve seen each other either.  Their player, Myers, was named to the first team All-State team, and I believe they’ve gotten better at getting her the ball in the post.  This week is going to be devoted to improving on “air time” and getting around the post to the correct position while the passes are in the air, and tightening up our help side defense.  I really believe that’s going to be the key to the game.

Congrats to Angela Franklin, who was named to Third Team All-State!

– Coach Kim


Friday night…Contra Costa

February 25, 2008

Frday night Contra Costa.  Hearts racing, mind ready, fingers shaking with anxiousness.  This is the night we play for all year.  Contra Costa, our biggest rival.  You never know whats gonna happen between CC and Solano.  On top of being the biggest rivalry we face all year, it’ our last game of the conference.  Although we had already captured the conference championship,we wanted more.  The perfect conference, 14-0.  First team in history to do that.

The clock starts and we go to battle.  CC is really bringing it.  They’re giving it everything they’ve got and we fight back with just as much intensity.  Game plan – press and stop the drive.  Unfortunately for us they are raining 3’s & breaking the press just well enough to stay in the game.  Coach changes up the game plan – full court man pressure “D” the hell out of them.  We took complete control of the game everytime they tried to creep back into the game.  We’d answer back with a roar that we aren’t letting up.  It was a long hard battle when the clock had run off its final seconds…Solano 79 – CC 64!  We had done it 14-0 and it couldn’t have came on a better game.

All of the running on the track, 6 am mile runes, suicides, sidelines.  It was all left on the floor Friday night.  We wait anxiously in the team room (broom close, lol) after the game for coach to walk in.  As he enters the emotions are running high with excitement.  He begins to scream, wooooo!  It was a great feeling.  It was the night of all our lives.  Now we’re ready for the third season…playoffs!  I’m so excited for whats to come.  We have such a special group that I think we’re gonna do it.  Win the 2 games needed to go to the State Tourney!

 – Tucker #3

MVP & All-Conference

February 23, 2008

The 2007-08 Bay Valley Conference MVP & All-Conference Awards were named today:

Angela Franklin (picture shown) was named the Conference MVP!Angela posting up

Alishea Kelly & Christine Tucker were named to the All-Conference Team.

Natalie Cooley, Corina Cornelius, & Alishea Kelly were named to the Academic All-Conference Team.

And Coach Matt and the assistants were awarded Coach of the Year.

– Coach Kim


February 23, 2008

So, we finished conference undefeated after beating our rivals, Contra Costa, last night :).  14-0!  It’s the first time in Solano Women’s Basketball history that a team has gone undefeated in conference.  Some will argue that the conference was overall weaker than it’s been in the past (*cough), but nothing can be taken away from our girls who faced the challenge of coming ready to play every night to fend off every team in conference that were looking to take us down for 14 games straight.  They deserve all of the attention that they’re getting.

Today we find out about conference MVP and All-conference selections.  Monday is the playoff seeding meeting, and we’re assuming that we’ll be seeded close to #11-12, which will make our first round on Friday or Saturday. 🙂

– Coach Kim

Winning Conference

February 19, 2008

It was pretty anticlimactic to be honest, but we were all still excited when we beat Mendocino on Friday and thus clinched the Bay Valley Conference title.  We’re going to get a brand new banner to put in our brand new gym next year.  The girls did a great job staying motivated and intense throughout the game, even though we were up early.

We’re going to need to continue to stay motivated to win these next two games in conference.  Both Yuba and Contra Costa are going to be looking for the upset.  I know the girls will be focused to stay undefeated and to continue improving for when we have to play a much more challenging opponent in the first round of playoffs next week!

– Coach Kim

Almost through conference!

February 19, 2008

2 games left and my emotions are racing.  All excited for playoffs!  School’s going good, just got to apply myself more!  Time’s ticking, the only person that can stop us is ourselves.  Intensity and motivation is all we need!  Play to win and don’t lay not to lose!

Also, I can’t wait for next year’s team.  Not that I don’t love this year’s team.  I think the coaches are doing a good job recruiting this year!  I’m excited.

– Leilanie #23

Sophomore Night a Success

February 14, 2008

Sophomore night was an emotional one.  Christine Tucker, Corina Cornelius, Alishea Kelly, Natalie Cooley, and Angela Franklin all played their last game at home last night.  Each one of them were introduced with their families and highlighted before the game.  Check out Angela’s pictures of the event:

A win on Friday vs. Mendocino will clinch the Bay Valley Conference and ensure that we get to put up another banner in our new gym next year :).  I think the girls are going to be pumped and ready!

 – Coach Kim