Finishing the first half undefeated

There really isn’t a lot of words that can explain the feeling of beating Contra Costa.  Since I’ve been here at Solano, we are 1-3 vs. CC until last night.  Now we are getting even.  It’s just a rush when you’re on the floor with CC.  It’s such a huge rivalry!  The want to win is greater than any other game.  The feeling after winning is exciting.  It really gives our team that feeling of YES!

Now that the 1st round is over and we’re 7-0, undefeated, we have to keep our confidence up but not get cocky.  There is still a lot of season left.  This is like half-time.  Everyone has seen what we got and they have a chance to come back and win in the 2nd half.  But we can’t let up! 


We need to have full intensity all the time to reach our goal of winning a BVC banner and winning at least 2 playoff games.  The challenge we have ahead of us is great but I know that we can do it.  LMC tomorrow.  They are gonna come at us hard but we are gonna come at them even harder…man, I can’t barely wait.

-Tucker #3


One Response to Finishing the first half undefeated

  1. no1fan says:

    Good Luck tonight, Ladies!

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