Welcome…from Leilanie

Welcome readers to the Solano’s Women’s Basketball Blog.  We have recently played in the Gervasoni Memorial Tournament held at De Anza College.  Unfortunately, we lost both games and was sent home with frustrations and disappointments.  This was our first tournament losing our first 2 games.  In the locker room after the game, my teammates and I talk about the improvements we need to work on, and the goals we want to achieve, so we left those 2 losses in the past and grow from them.  We’ll take out our aggression on De Anza, who we face as our last non conference game.  After that game we’ll be starting a clean slate!  Because conference starts.

Leilanie Lewis

My teammates and i are so excited for conference.  Not only did we have one of the hardest pre-season schedule, but now we’ll be able to show case our talents and show our conference how much work we put in.  Our biggest goal this season is to not only get the conference title but do it with an undefeated league record.  So we’ll start our winning streak by winning our last non conference game.
-Leilanie #23

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