Welcome to our blog!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our new blog!  We’re hoping this helps us communicate with our recruits and fans.

Wow!  We’ve had so much going on lately it’s hard to know where to start. Construction of our Physical Education building has started.  We’re expecting to have a new gym, with new locker rooms, team rooms, and weight room by August 2008 (in time for next season!).  While it’s an exciting time, it’s also been difficult.  We had to hold our practice off-site today when 10 minutes prior to our practice starting, the power in the building was accidently fried! Luckily our girls were ready to adapt and after finding a gym to use, and we ended up having a very effective practice.

Coach George got the entire team tickets to watch Stanford women play Tennessee on December 22nd for Christmas (you can see my wife Angela and I in the picture). What a game! But, I have to be honest and admit I was especially happy because Tennessee’s loss meant my favorite team, UCONN, would take the #1 spot!

Matt & Angela 72 dpi

Stanford vs Tennessee

On Saturday, we play our last preseason home game versus De Anza College.  We’ve played the most difficult preseason schedule in the state and it should help prepare us for starting our conference play on January 8th versus Los Medanos.  We’d like to welcome you and your family to come watch us play this Saturday.

We hope that you had all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!.

-Coach Matt


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