Finishing the first half undefeated

January 31, 2008

There really isn’t a lot of words that can explain the feeling of beating Contra Costa.  Since I’ve been here at Solano, we are 1-3 vs. CC until last night.  Now we are getting even.  It’s just a rush when you’re on the floor with CC.  It’s such a huge rivalry!  The want to win is greater than any other game.  The feeling after winning is exciting.  It really gives our team that feeling of YES!

Now that the 1st round is over and we’re 7-0, undefeated, we have to keep our confidence up but not get cocky.  There is still a lot of season left.  This is like half-time.  Everyone has seen what we got and they have a chance to come back and win in the 2nd half.  But we can’t let up! 


We need to have full intensity all the time to reach our goal of winning a BVC banner and winning at least 2 playoff games.  The challenge we have ahead of us is great but I know that we can do it.  LMC tomorrow.  They are gonna come at us hard but we are gonna come at them even harder…man, I can’t barely wait.

-Tucker #3


Finishing off the 1st half of conference tonight

January 30, 2008

In 3 1/2 hours we play Contra Costa College.  Because of some difficulties at Contra Costa, we are hosting tonight’s game instead of traveling to San Pablo.  It’s a big game!  First, it’s always a big game against Contra Costa – they’ve been one of our big rivals for many years now.  Also, the game will finish off our first half of conference.  I think the girls are ready, considering they’ve been talking about this game since the season started.  Hopefully we can finish the first half 7-0!

-Coach Kim

Wow, 6-0.

January 26, 2008

It’s not just the fact that we’ve started conference off 6-0, but was really has me and the rest of the coaching staff excited is that our team is starting to play with the intensity and competitiveness that we’ve been trying to get them to since the beginning of the season.  Alishea Kelly played like I’ve never seen her on Friday against Yuba.  She played her guts out, and was even beating people to loose balls.  The talent that woman has is unbelievable. 

The rest of the team was ready to play!  Jakiya started us off by hitting some early baskets and getting into passing lanes.  Leilanie helped set the tone for us on defense.  Angela played with passion and was an “animal.”  And when our reserves stepped in, they all played with urgency and competitiveness.

 I was proud to see that group in Solano uniforms yesterday.  They represented well.  🙂

– Coach Kim

On our third week…

January 22, 2008

I’m very excited for this week.  One of the biggest challenges in conference.  They’re both double headers and both home games.  On top of having two very big games this week, w also start school.  We always need a good start to school.

Goals for the week: 

*Make a statement and firmly take hold of 1st place in conference by having another 2-0 week…which will make us 6-0 in conference at 13-11 altogether!

*Have a great first week of school, the “classroom game.”  One of the most important parts!

– Tucker #3

3 games into conference!

January 17, 2008

We entered the 2nd week of conference undefeated adn took on the Lady T-Birds with a remarkable 80-43 win to secure our 3-0 start.  And even with our stud players out most of the game, we were able to get everyone off the bench!  Everyone ended up scoring, which was awesome.  Next we have Marin and we’re ready for anything to come our way.  Lady Falcons are ready to fly high!

 -Leilanie #23

First Conference Win!

January 10, 2008

So, we won our first conference game last night vs Los Medanos!  Though we didn’t play all that well, it was nice to see Alishea Kelly and Angela Franklin both dominate and play the way that they can.  Bottom line, it’s a win that puts us closer to our season goal of winning conference…so, we’ll take itAlishea juicing it up!

Friday we play again against Napa and it’s going to be another situation where we’re going to have to play well defensively if we’re going to dominate.

As a coaching staff, we’re all busy this week because besides preparing for our own games, we’re getting out to watch our high school recruits play.  The talent out there this year is exciting and we’re trying to show them as much support as possible.

 -Coach Kim

Welcome…from Leilanie

January 5, 2008

Welcome readers to the Solano’s Women’s Basketball Blog.  We have recently played in the Gervasoni Memorial Tournament held at De Anza College.  Unfortunately, we lost both games and was sent home with frustrations and disappointments.  This was our first tournament losing our first 2 games.  In the locker room after the game, my teammates and I talk about the improvements we need to work on, and the goals we want to achieve, so we left those 2 losses in the past and grow from them.  We’ll take out our aggression on De Anza, who we face as our last non conference game.  After that game we’ll be starting a clean slate!  Because conference starts.

Leilanie Lewis

My teammates and i are so excited for conference.  Not only did we have one of the hardest pre-season schedule, but now we’ll be able to show case our talents and show our conference how much work we put in.  Our biggest goal this season is to not only get the conference title but do it with an undefeated league record.  So we’ll start our winning streak by winning our last non conference game.
-Leilanie #23